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Targeting people on the professional LinkedIn network is a sign of more than a little bit of ill will. In my case, the impersonator quickly moved to make other accounts, posting nonsense as me. They claimed that my daughter was abducted by aliens, and that I was a convicted felon. This is a calculated attempt to destroy a professional reputation, and to mislead or intercept contacts with whom we haven’t had recent contact.

Life insurance companies have close ties with private investigators (due to the two year contestability period). Who knows what schemes they may hatch once they cut a person down to just a few offline contacts. Recall that in the Contra Costa County vice scandal, PIs offered to plant drugs in a car, and roll it off of a cliff. I myself was unable to hire a PI to investigate the threats made to harm my daughter.

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Why does SelectQuote’s pattern of malfeasance raise eyebrows?

Leland Yee Scandal

Corruption doesn’t end with the police.  Leland Yee illustrates San Francisco politics at its worst.

Yee is a major supporter of gun control. Providing Chinese gangsters with automatic weapons while chipping away at legal gun ownership really says it all. 26 people were arrested in all, on charges from murder-for-hire to influence peddling.

Every gun law comes with the implied caveat that criminals will probably ignore the law, whereas law abiding citizens will be disarmed. Yee went the extra step and armed the criminals himself.


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Richard Hastings III Disappears

I just noticed that links to SFGate’s coverage of the arraignment of accused molester Richard Hastings of the SFPD are broken.  There is still coverage via ABC Local.  Keep in mind that this same cop has been accused by some of shooting a young black man to death over bus fare in the Bay View neighborhood of San Francisco.

March 7th has come and went, no coverage of that preliminary hearing.  It might well be normal to avoid reporting on every legal maneuver, but given this cop’s habit of slithering away, no matter how bad things look, combined with pulled coverage from SFGate, looks suspicious to an outsider like me.

Insight Via Sergeant Ian Furminger Spokesman • SelectQuote Review

Martin Halloran, president of the San Francisco Police Officers Association, offered up uncommonly self-aware criticism of vice cop methods recently. He called into question the reliability of the paid informants police rely upon when commenting on the indictments of Sergeant Ian Furminger and his crew.

In order to be useful, informants must be drug dealers just like the ones the police are targeting. Except that they’re more dishonest and backstabbing. And they get paid to come up with their tips. No boy scouts here, just criminals in the employ of the San Francisco Police Department.

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If the cops don’t trust their informants, why do we?

Indictments Handed Down in San Francisco Police Corruption Probe

A grand jury indicted six current or former San Francisco police officers in a corruption probe that has been literally years in the making. The cops’ behavior first made headlines in 2011, when San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi released videos showing police performing illegal searches in SOMA residential hotels late 2010 and early 2011. A Federal criminal investigation was announced, and it looks to now be bearing fruit.

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For a while it looked like this might all just disappear, as cases against police often do.  It looks like the Feds are sticking with it.

Fellow SOMA Resident’s Problems with the SFPD • SelectQuote Review

Another man from my neighborhood, Paretz Partensky, recently wrote about troubles with the San Francisco police. He ended up in solitary after calling 911 for an injured bicyclist. He sent the link to the Langton St. email list, apparently we are neighbors! It is worth noting that, once against, alleged misconduct occurred within a few blocks of misconduct being investigated by a federal grand jury.

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Southern Station, which serves San Francisco’s South of Market area, has had a string of problems.  This is the same station that covers SelectQuote.  I believe SelectQuote is involved in some graft, or is outright scamming the police.

In my situation alone, there were indications of cooperation, between the police and child predators at SelectQuote.  The company seems to involve cops in terminations an unusually often.

San Francisco Police Take Interest In My Story

A number of visitors to SelectQuote Review have come from email servers run by the San Francisco government. It appears an email making the rounds linked to my article on the discovery of child porn among San Francisco police officer Richard Hastings’ possessions. A number of the email recipients appear to be San Francisco police officers. I don’t know what was written about my website, but it did drive traffic.

There have been some signs that police were either conned, or had pressure from above to reach a certain conclusion. I’ve heard of SelectQuote using police for terminations before, and there was an employee brandishing a knife in the mail center earlier in 2010.  We were warned about the danger posed by some ex-employees.

When I reacted to threats to kill my daughter by sending an email, SelectQuote leadership spent hours the next morning getting me to doubt myself, and to get their own stories straight.  Had they really felt concern that I was unstable, they would have called the police straight away.

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