Ferguson Tea Party

Which is more like the Boston Tea Party, the Ferguson protests or the Tea Party? I know that there can be a tendency to dismiss such a protest, by saying “Look at those people destroying their own neighborhood.” But they have forced the world to notice Ferguson, which really were pretty long odds. The community seems pretty organized, and really they are showing a fair amount of restraint.

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St. Louis is a fairly segregated city, with relatively few immigrants. White flight is a real phenomenon there. This gives all the problems of poverty, exacerbated by racial tension.

Knowing, as I do, the ease with which the police can pass off fabricated evidence, I tend to side with the people of Ferguson. Besides which, if unarmed teenagers are jumping into to cop cars completely unprovoked, there still is a problem.

Part of Ferguson’s image problem may be that many people’s mind completely turn off when they see looting. I’d wager that it isn’t totally random, but rather the most predatory businesses get hit harder. If the people could get that police officer, they would, but they had to settle for a substitute target.

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While my perspective is limited by not being in North St. Louis County for many years, this still is more context than my readers may have.  So I throw in my two cents.

Location, Guilt, and Concerts

What does a concert look like to location-obsessed law enforcement? At the very least the concert goer is colocated with those nefarious cannabis smokers. I’ve been to a number of concerts where this is probably the main ‘threat’. Near the beginning of my troubles, during the time of known NSA location sharing with Federal agents, I went to a concert that was much more sinister in the eyes of law enforcement, on Friday the 13th of November in 2009 I caught Insane Clown Posse at a packed concert in the Warfield. I wasn’t familiar with their music but the energy of the crowd and their showmanship made it one of the best concerts I’ve attended. The problem is that the FBI and the state of California regard the hardcore ICP fans as a criminal organization.

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Recent leaks from the Snowden documents have exposed details of the illegal XKEYSCORE collection program. Analysts have noted the targeting of Tor server operators since around 2010. These servers, originally funded partly by our government, are used to help reporters and activists avoid reprisals for authoritarian regimes across the globe. These details indicate I would have qualified for special collection.

Some may protest this would be so clearly illegal that a human analyst would surely override the automated collection. However, even staunch Patriot Act supporter John Ashcroft resigned over the illegality of XKEYSCORE’s predecessor, STELLAR WIND. With the purging of himself and others considered too moderate by the intelligence apparatus, it would be foolish to think the remaining extremists moderated their views.

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Pattern Shows SelectQuote Still Dangerous • SelectQuote Review

Targeting people on the professional LinkedIn network is a sign of more than a little bit of ill will. In my case, the impersonator quickly moved to make other accounts, posting nonsense as me. They claimed that my daughter was abducted by aliens, and that I was a convicted felon. This is a calculated attempt to destroy a professional reputation, and to mislead or intercept contacts with whom we haven’t had recent contact.

Life insurance companies have close ties with private investigators (due to the two year contestability period). Who knows what schemes they may hatch once they cut a person down to just a few offline contacts. Recall that in the Contra Costa County vice scandal, PIs offered to plant drugs in a car, and roll it off of a cliff. I myself was unable to hire a PI to investigate the threats made to harm my daughter.

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Why does SelectQuote’s pattern of malfeasance raise eyebrows?

Leland Yee Scandal

Corruption doesn’t end with the police.  Leland Yee illustrates San Francisco politics at its worst.

Yee is a major supporter of gun control. Providing Chinese gangsters with automatic weapons while chipping away at legal gun ownership really says it all. 26 people were arrested in all, on charges from murder-for-hire to influence peddling.

Every gun law comes with the implied caveat that criminals will probably ignore the law, whereas law abiding citizens will be disarmed. Yee went the extra step and armed the criminals himself.


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Richard Hastings III Disappears

I just noticed that links to SFGate’s coverage of the arraignment of accused molester Richard Hastings of the SFPD are broken.  There is still coverage via ABC Local.  Keep in mind that this same cop has been accused by some of shooting a young black man to death over bus fare in the Bay View neighborhood of San Francisco.

March 7th has come and went, no coverage of that preliminary hearing.  It might well be normal to avoid reporting on every legal maneuver, but given this cop’s habit of slithering away, no matter how bad things look, combined with pulled coverage from SFGate, looks suspicious to an outsider like me.


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