Badge Bunny Break-in

I’ll be the first to admit that some of the odd details I bring up could have merely been coincidental. That is why I’m reporting this as a theory. Something out of the ordinary happened. A strange woman had keys to my apartment, knew exactly when she might get away with such intrusion, and the police were protecting her. If she were later caught, and played it off like I knew she was in there, it would’ve caused me trouble.

For now, I’ll just bring up how well this theory describes some of the effects I’ve noticed. I can leave my reasoning for another time as to why she was more likely similar to Guap and not a random thief. I do believe that she was college aged, thank God for that.

Source: The Random Harlot Theory – SelectQuote Review


Police Harassment Caused by Errant Data?

It seems that there really is a Thomas Richard Meyer in St. Francis, Minnesota. He isn’t me, and is not related to me. There is also Thomas Meyer, the Catholic priest who was listed as a pedophile as part of a civil settlement.

Source: Thomas R. Meyer | SelectQuote Review

It is unclear if the false association with a pedophile was part of the harassment, or a cause of it.

A Well-Earned Difficult Situation

Over at SelectQuote Review, I opine that reaction to the Mario Woods shooting should be taken in context with years of frustration:

I’m sure the African American community feels this effect even more strongly, with years of disproportionately high negative police activity affecting them. Perhaps this is why that community reacts to officer shootings by ignoring the danger posed an officer by a knife wielding man. It’s not like they aren’t aware that a knife can kill someone. Young black males are the victims of violence more often than anyone else. I think that they’ve simply found a way to strike back at injustice.

There is a lot of wisdom in that reaction. When I look at my attempt to bring those who would kill my daughter to justice, I see that I have gotten nowhere, purely because police were tight with the perpetrators. Given how ineffective it is to “play fair”, doesn’t it make more sense to put cops in a difficult situation by insisting that they disarm suspects wielding knives?

Source: Earned Danger – SelectQuote Review

Infernal Pseudo Code – SelectQuote Review

Public research tells us that brain scans can determine not just speech the subject is hearing, but also speech that he is imagining. Manipulating magnetic fields can change what a subject sees. Considering military applications are likely further along, Christian end-time prophecies soon will not merely be possible, but likely.

We’ve seen what the NSA has done. If they could read not just your email, but your mind as well, …

Source: Infernal Pseudo Code – SelectQuote Review

Some thought on nefarious uses for all this brain research coming down the pipeline…

FBI Chinatown Probe Skirts Entrapment

Legal analysts say it is difficult to prove entrapment in the federal court.  Well it certainly must be.  Federal agents racked up a bill of 1 million dollars wining and dining Chow.  You’d think that someone would have stood up and reined in the largesse at some point.  Just to make sure they weren’t crossing the line.

4 years and $1 million later, I ask whether Chow’s crimes would have existed without the FBI.  Check it out on SelectQuote Review.


Entrance to Ghee Kung Tong

Keys Hanging From My Window

SelectQuote Review looks back to the police response to some break-ins, in light of recent information.

The second one came on the very day my then estranged wife was due back in town. The knife was now back in my apartment. I called the police, but they said they didn’t want to get involved in my divorce. After this, I noticed keys hanging from my front window.

Did I break up an attempt to frame me? Did the cops, frustrated by the failed attempt, leave the keys as a marker? Sort of a way to pay their hired criminals? Just head over to Tom’s place, and take some stuff. I did have things going missing for a few months.

Source: Keys Hanging From My Window – SelectQuote Review