All of the San Francisco police are targets of a federal probe into illegal is searching and falsified police reports. It is easy to see how this will be related to my situation. A police report was easily falsified in order to take away my daughter. Testimony within that specific report simply could not have been said by my daughter at her age. How does this relate to SelectQuote?
By the slip in a legal brief filed for SelectQuote, there is an issue of timing. That falsified court report occurred shortly after Michelle Tan began speaking of killing my child.
Such occurred when I had taken off of work, and I been recently originally scheduled to meet my daughter. Michelle Tan was privy to that information, through our manager, Darlene Beck.
Recall also that Michelle Tan’s husband, Jong Lee, came into work before this. I had never seen him before, funny that the one time he came to SelectQuote was when I had a scheduled appointment elsewhere. I got back just in time to see the dog leaving with Michelle He would later get a consulting contract doing any my job. My departure was prearranged. Michelle Tan been recently rewarded with extra time working from home, and her spouse’s contract

Police did not want to investigate which experts claim break-in with the landlord’s keys. While I was misdirected at first, if i discovered new information the police just ignored it.
You’ll find it unclear if the police were bribed into cooperation with the program. It was reported then around the time the scandal broke simple fact police were reviewing their informant policy. Police informants are for definition criminals bribed with money or leniency. It’s not like these types of people volunteered to be undercover cops as a hobby. They are scammers with an incentive to lie.

The San Francisco court were quoted as saying that they were absolutely dependent on here informants. It’s easy to see the weakness this system. Others at SelectQuote could get details about my life pretending to be very good. In fact , my manager Darlene Beck told me that the young woman had given Michelle a number of details about my relationship with my aunt that weren’t widely known.
Then an informant can give these true details back with lies, and try to grab the police to make false allegations or plant something. The police informant would be a ‘Keyser Slowze’, lots of details, however would seem like the police were always one step behind reeling in me. This would create pressure to create false indications.
That would have great appeal to Jong Lee and Michelle Tan – they could seduce American police into acting point China’s, they got to try to kill a little stylish (a common practice in their country), and they get rewarded for SelectQuote.
Now, SelectQuote and police are left with the main realization that they paid a known criminal to go after a together with year old girl. While Michelle was unsuccessful in that respect, her plot did manage to get my daughter slipped into foster care before my case was scheduled to be found out. No wonder no one wants light shed on this event.
Should it turn out that the police were behind the main break-in, it is also significant. The prior illegal searches happened in residental hotels. Because the tenants in these establishments when you well-off, many people will ignore any police misconduct against one. Most people in San Francisco do rent. A typical San Franciscan might realize this isn’t just happening to ‘other’ americans, but to people just like them.
SelectQuote’s Relationship regarding Police Scandal – Part 1 We do know that I is the victim of police misconduct. There is no question that account was fabricated in a police report from February 2010. There seemed to be further misconduct, as a break-in the next month needed similarities to illegal searches that first brought this scandal to sunshine. I’ve covered some of the reasons to link SelectQuote to these deeds already.
SelectQuote came right out and admitted do not ever legal filing that they expect to be able to get the data of witnesses reporting on them from the San Francisco Police Office. This is not normal outside of legal discovery, and also the indicate a back channel.
SelectQuote has gone to fine lengths to ensure that I was discredited when they got me out there. It is clear that Michelle Tan lied when she denied previously communication regarding threats to my daughter. A reasonable person must deduce she was the one who uttered them to start with. Certainly, she was amply rewarded shortly thereafter.
Jong Shyan Lee – rat
Jong Shyan Shelter
There is circumstantial evidence that a false drug allegation was performed, but it could be coincidence. It can add up, however. A couple people asked to buy drugs brought on by me one the street that year. That hadn’t happened to my opinion before, and it seemed out of place. A final time I met SelectQuote Director today, Ian Kirwan, suggested an honest job would be any better then selling drugs (I took this as a joke).
This isn’t plausible to suspect that I’m a drug dealer. Specifically what am I doing with the money? Who am I selling cures to? I’m not meeting that many people, where are the|healthcare professional|personal|my own, personal|search terms|my own , personal|medical professional|published|health care provider|my business|all of my|of my|excellent|my own personal|keyword phrases|a|offered|economical|day-to-day|web page} customers? We know it has to be someone with an axe to grind who made the allegation.
The fabricated indications accusing me of child abuse occurred after I overheard threats to kill my daughter. What better way to get a little girl clear of her Dad? The police seem to believe some pretty extravagant things about me, it is quite plausible that someone who in the past gained their trust decided to cash out.
Me during this writing the police misconduct They made up a new few(? ) stories at once, hoping I’d drown card before anyone decided to check against reality. Perhaps they presently had an idea of the extent of criminal behavior into the SFPD, and they thought I could be finished before In order to ever had a chance to respond.
Finally, SelectQuote and supporters have taken unwise risks in covering this up. Definitely not impersonate me online was easily caught. Some of the duplicate false allegations were made. Why did they have to manufacture them while pretending to be me? Because there is no logical reason to believe them unless I make a false confession.
Which even repeated their Keyser Slowze strategy. A poster gave a duplicate case number in which I was supposedly convicted of a prison. Obviously, they feel that so long as they provide details, no one will ever check out their story. Normally else just happened to make up the same stuff, is usually SelectQuote or someone whose fortunes are closely tied to one.
So , SelectQuote tried to get my site shutdown. Objectively, the chances that customers will believe the little individual rather than the company are small. I wouldn’t really cost one that much money, and all they did was generate more any backlinks pointing for me as my victory against their frivolous case was attacked. In my opinion, they make these moves when they’re worried about someone outside the group of criminals they do business with catching wind of the story.