Michelle Tan
It’s Min!

Initially, I ought to distinguish this Michelle Tan from the others the San Francisco Bay Area. Also known as Min Tan (譚敏), she is in her late thirties and is married to Jong Lee.  She lives in     They also picked up a foreclosed townhome on Ithaca Way in Pleasanton in the first half on 2011, not so long after I was terminated for objecting to her threatening to kill my daughter.  Michelle Tan works at SelectQuote Insurance Services in downtown San Francisco as a programmer. Hurting children must pay well, though, because the Pleasanton Weekly agrees with BlockShopper, the husband and wife own both homes.
I believe this woman made threats concerning my daughter for these reasons:

    • It was my first impression that she was the one who made the threats. At first I was incredulous and did not believe that she would say such things. However, my original supposition would be borne out.
    • She lied about ever having received communications from me regarding these threats. This makes things black and white. Had she not made the threats she would not need to deny prior communication. She could simply say she had no idea what I was talking about.  When I spoke to her at the time I was indirect, but later written communication was quite clear.
    • I never heard these discussions about my daughter when she was sitting at her desk. The conversations we’re not coming from the area in which we sat, but rather from another group. I heard these conversations after Michelle walked over in that direction.
    • She treated written communication regarding these threats like a joke. The note was placed back on middle of my desk unanswered.  Obviously, if someone asks if you heard a threat regarding his daughter, and you didn’t, you answer no.
  • Her husband, Jong Lee (above), received contracting work from SelectQuote after my termination. Jong and I are both Java developers, and he was contracted to do work I was to help Michelle with.
  • She also received more time working from home than anyone else in IT shortly after my termination, according to Director Kirwan.

I’ve stated before that I can only tolerate so much risk while fighting SelectQuote. Even after her jackpot for running me out, Michelle would not enjoy as large an advantage in court as SelectQuote would. Sure, Bob Edwards might try to drag SelectQuote back into this.  Their loss in the domain dispute did generate publicity for my story, however.
Surely, no matter how well trained Bob is, the risk of further unfavorable publicity would give him pause.  He might become a little embarrassed about being Michelle’s plaything were he to be seen continuing to use company resources to defend her.