SelectQuote and the San Francisco Police conspired together to hurt my daughter:

  1. I hear threats regarding Abby at SelectQuote (who imply they have a lot of pull with police).
  2. Police destroy evidence which would help me.
  3. Police manufacture evidence to discredit me.
  4. Abby is essentially kidnapped (no disrespect intended towards the foster mom).

There was a lot more than a month’s worth of trouble.  For now I’m just giving a high level view of the worst of it.  Here, I detail the possibility of police involvement in a break-in to my apartment a month later.
It is worth noting that I am limited in my ability to get comments from those involved at SelectQuote.  I have spoken to three different private investigators in an attempt to get one to interview Michelle Tan.  One stated that he did cases like this, but not this particular one.

SelectQuote has let slip that they can get privileged information about witnesses from the police.  This looks like an improper relationship, especially given the following:

  • One of the officers responding made a comment to the others that the captain wanted me to be brought in, regardless of what they found at the scene. Given what happened next, I have to wonder how much was already decided.
  • I had a head wound, which bled a good amount.  This was visible on the side of my face from when I was lying face-down, and ran down my back after I got up.  The police had me clean up the blood before they took pictures for evidence.
  • As I was the one who called in the incident, I was later able to get it a copy of the police report. In it my daughter Abby is attributed with fabricated testimony against me.  She had just turned two.  Not only is she not going to be making up stories about her Daddy, she could not have made up the story. She knew some Japanese words and some English words, but she was not stringing together sentences. Even if she weren’t bilingual, you would not expect her to be able to do so at that age.
  • One year later, 7 officers from this station would become the targets of an FBI probe for falsifying police reports and illegal searches.  My claims are not at all outlandish.  One year ago, the Department of Justice was investigating the matter, and reportedly was bringing police before a grand jury. (This point added mid-January)