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The 15-year-old’s alleged pimp, Kenneth Kinsey, 25, and a suspected prostitute, 20-year-old Malyssa Gevas-Hadley, both of Sacramento, were charged by Alameda County prosecutors with human trafficking of a minor for commercial sex.
Although details of the girl’s case are sealed because of her age, the 15-year-old shared one trait with many other exploited children – she had run away from a foster care or group home.
Of the children reported missing who are likely sex trafficking victims, 60 percent were in foster care or group homes, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.


Now consider this in light of police fabricating witness testimony to trigger a Child Protective Services case.  We won the case in a relatively short time, but you should consider, the fabricated testimony was impossible.  Sure being middle-class, white, and a decent communicator helped.
Even given the impossibility of the cop’s story, some will believe him.  For this reason it is difficult to say anything about the entire CPS process, because there really are abused kids out there, and no one wants to risk being linked to real abuse.
This is why I feel the need to speak about the problem.  Because face it, someone who is less affluent, with darker skin, says the cop is lying, is white America going to believe him?  He’s just going to have to shut up and take it.  If he speaks out, people are just going to call him a child abuser.
In the Contra Costa County vice squad, they were running a brothel.  If police misconduct is just pooh-poohed, they get to recruit for that brothel, too.  Take your kid and turn her out to work in the police run massage parlor.  Now, misconduct might be rare, but the innocent police don’t do a whole lot of ratting on the guilty.
Which is why, if you take everything the police say at face value, with no corroborating evidence, you might as well have been out there pimping minors yourself.