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Illicit Sex and the Police

    I haven’t been out to Concord since I worked at SelectQuote, but a couple recent news items from out that way are pertinent to my story.  The first involves a San Francisco police officer who lives in Concord.
    He was arrested for a sodomy with a 15 year old.  His attorney, Harry Stern, maintains that the officer, Richard Hastings III, thought that the boy was of age.  The DA has sent the case back to police.  Regardless, the police officer is 37 years old.   This obviously is not a healthy relationship between equals.
    Plenty of illicit sex involving law enforcement in the area, though.  We also heard testimony from a worker at a Pleasant Hill brothel set up by private investigators who were working with the Contra Costa County vice squad.  She testified that she was asked to plant cocaine on an innocent man.  Prior testimony covered other schemes involving planting evidence or entrapment.

    Clearly my claims about fabricated evidence that could not have possibly existed, is not outlandish nor an extreme.  While child molestation and running brothels is not the most common officer behavior, it does happen in this area.
    When Michelle Tan of SelectQuote decided she wanted to hurt children, she could recruit from dirty cops.