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When you think of an officer of the law, you tend to think of a public servant to protect and serve, not a murderer, child molester or pedophile. We know that all officers aren’t bad, but we also know that all officers aren’t good.

According to ABC News on Aug. 29, 2013, Officer Richard Hastings of the San Francisco Police Department, who is 37 years old, was arrested in Concord, California, for alleged child molestation. Richard Hastings is one of the officers named in my lawsuit against the city of San Francisco for the murder of my son, Kenneth Harding Jr.

via San Francisco Bay View » Cop who murdered Kenneth Harding arrested for molesting teenage boy.

A spirited editorial by the mother of the young man killed after evading Muni fare.  This very officer was involved.  The SFPD story is that Harding pulled a gun and accidentally shot himself in the neck(?!).

I have to say I’m skeptical.  It’s not like he shot himself in the leg while drawing a weapon.  The police were quick to bring up Harding’s parole.  Now that one of the officers involved no longer looks clean, the news is slipped in right before a holiday weekend.  They are letting him off, saying his relationship with a 15 year old is consensual.

Clearly a double standard.