O’Haire’s job was to investigate and prosecute misconduct claims against members of the police department. She brought the cases before the city Police Commission.

In 2009, she sought the termination of Suhr, then deputy police chief, for an alleged pattern of misconduct and policy violations, the lawsuit says.

The allegations included failing to file a timely domestic violence report in an incident involving a friend, and impeding the investigation into the so-called “Fajitagate” scandal, when three San Francisco officers were accused of beating up two men for their Mexican food.

Suhr was indicted on charges of obstructing the Fajitagate investigation, but a judge dismissed the case. Nonetheless, then-Chief Heather Fong demoted him, and he was reassigned.

via Novato woman files whistleblower suit against San Francisco police chief – Marin Independent Journal.

This story from earlier this year.  Long story short, she is accusing now Chief Suhr of firing internal affairs lawyers for looking into police misconduct.  There was a backlog of hundreds of misconduct complaints when she and a coworker were fired.

It does seem like misconduct take awhile to result in any action.  I know that the illegal search scandal is being handled by Feds now, but it is an example of Caucasian criminals and African American victims.  With 56% of jail inmates being African American (from 6% of population), that really looks like justice is not being served.

If internal affairs lawyers are sacked for doing their job, it would explain part of the problem.