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MolestQuote • SelectQuote puts kids at risk.

This website explores the relationship between SelectQuote, a company that tolerates threats to kill children, and the San Francisco police.  SelectQuote has alluded to an improper relationship, stating in a legal brief that the company knew details of witness interaction with the police.  I am a former SelectQuote employee, and I have proof that an officer committed perjury in a report against me. This misconduct affected my daughter.

Why would SelectQuote brag about being tight with criminal elements in the police department, especially in their losing domain complaint against myself?  Are they trying to say that they approve of child abuse, and with police backing they cannot be prevented from hurting children?  The reason MolestQuote was started was because children in foster care are at risk for child trafficking.

Keep kids away!

This means perjury to start a case with Child Protective Services can reasonably be seen as an attempt to recruit children into prostitution.  The recent arrest of an SFPD officer in Concord, CA for child molestation merely reinforces the point.  The SFPD’s involvement with a company that appears to have a goal of exploiting children should be investigated.