Do you have a landline that works with your county jail memorized? When cops do something wrong, they get special treatment, and await their trial outside. The average person doesn’t have tens of thousands of dollars in their back pocket, and is likely to not be able to contact anyone from jail phones.


Inside most  jail cells at San Diego County Jails are 2 phones.   One phone is for calls in the 619 area code.   An inmate can call any phone number with a 619 area code as long as the phone is working.    Free phones break all the time.   Wonder why?  Inmates break the free phones for whatever reason.    The only other phone is for collect calls.    The collect call phone is for any calls outside the 619 area code.   Even though 858 and 760 are area codes in San Diego County the calls are outside the 619 area code and are therefore collect.   Why?  I don’t understand why inmates can’t call area codes inside San Diego County without calling collect.    Cell phones cannot receive collect calls unless you set up an account with PCS.    At  888-288-9879.   Have your credit or debit card ready.     The process takes a short time and once the PCS account is set up collect calls…

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