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  The illegal searches in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood were an example of white criminals victimizing people of color.  While we may hope for some resolution, it has been quite some time since this was in the news.  With such a disproportionate number of African Americans arrested, it is hard to believe that police are arresting criminals in San Francisco.

When richer, whiter, people were the victims of misconduct in the East Bay, we came to find out evidence was planted and that there was entrapment.  In San Francisco, the media reports the misconduct as if the victims were getting off on technicalities.

Why would we believe that the criminals performing the illegal searches did not also frame law abiding citizens?  I have to wonder if the police have decided that African Americans are more likely to resist the creation of an authoritarian system.  Or if the goal is the creation of more vice, and the cops are just looking for the easiest target.