Hard to say what is paranoia these days. Most of this stuff is true and verifiable. The things that aren’t immediately verifiable sound a lot more plausible these days than they would have five years ago. With so much unchecked power in the hands of spooks with little oversight, these sorts of tactics are probably being used on somebody.

As to the specific situation, who can say without knowing the people involved? I’m inclined to believe this person, but that is purely based on my own experiences, I don’t know him or his situation. Its a sad state of affairs when you can’t determine if an individual needs psychiatric help or legal and/or physical protection.

One of my goals in writing is to make it easier for whoever gets targeted next by the miscreants in my case. I realize most people on the internet won’t know whether to believe me, but by leaving a record I make it easier for people to believe the next guy.


                                                             Spying On Americans:

                                                               Targeted Individuals

       American citizens have always been victims of government spying! Complacency, ignorance, and naiveté are the enemies of democracy. Those human characteristics shared by so many American citizens have permitted the steady erosion of our personal liberties. We were lulled into believing that the spying programs initiated by the government were for our protection against international terrorism, when US spying began long before there was any perceived threat of international terrorism. Spying agencies became well funded government operations during the civil rights’ movement and…

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