There are a few reasons to consider government involvement in my situation with SelectQuote.  The NSA is known to use insurance data, someone may have used a cozy relationship to trump up some false accusations.

  • I was running Tor at this time, which is an anonymity network which was used by Silk Road.
  • The large detour after Andrei’s party may have been an attempt to frame me for something via location.
  • Whenever I tried to get my ID mailed to my apartment it was repeatedly intercepted, I eventually had to get it sent elsewhere.  Intercepting IDs was an important part of the Silk Road investigation.
  • I tried to hire multiple private investigators to shed some light on the threats made towards my daughter at SelectQuote, or even just interview a witness, without success.
  • A few smart-alec comments were made to me at SelectQuote about drug dealing, without any apparent context.
  • An intruder broke into my place, and once was sighted by me in the act. She had a key, apparently from the landlord. Police did not wish to investigate. Items were stolen.

Also a sophisticated disinformation campaign was run.  These were asked on right after another, as if on a checklist.  Another item was stated as if waiting for me to agree, and tell the same kind of story, but the thing is the different tellings were inconsistent.

  • I’m a rated rock climber.  Perhaps just a mistake, meaning my chess rating.
  • The aforementioned intercept of my mail, which caused me to get a Pleasanton address on my Driver’s License.  This happened shortly after something occurred in Pleasanton after a SelectQuote party.
  • I’m from the deep south.  While I was born in Memphis, Tennessee, I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • A weird story about Arabs and someone’s wife at a venue where it seems out of place.  Who knows, I’ve seen some unusual stuff there. (Leyba, not the snake handlers.)
  • After taking on the responsibilities of multiple engineers that left, I asked for a salary in line with the going market rate.  This may have motivated SelectQuote to hit me hard so no one would ask again.
  • At the end of one discussion where several of these themes were floated, parkour was brought up.  I had a marketing idea for this site based on parkour, they got ahead of me.  Someone is looking at searches.
  • After moving to San Francisco I was told of an ‘evil Tom’ who I never found out much about.  Is this a side effect from the exact same scam being run?  Is ‘evil Tom’ a failed merge, or an actual person?

via SelectQuote Review.