A number of visitors to SelectQuote Review have come from email servers run by the San Francisco government. It appears an email making the rounds linked to my article on the discovery of child porn among San Francisco police officer Richard Hastings’ possessions. A number of the email recipients appear to be San Francisco police officers. I don’t know what was written about my website, but it did drive traffic.

There have been some signs that police were either conned, or had pressure from above to reach a certain conclusion. I’ve heard of SelectQuote using police for terminations before, and there was an employee brandishing a knife in the mail center earlier in 2010.  We were warned about the danger posed by some ex-employees.

When I reacted to threats to kill my daughter by sending an email, SelectQuote leadership spent hours the next morning getting me to doubt myself, and to get their own stories straight.  Had they really felt concern that I was unstable, they would have called the police straight away.

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