Another man from my neighborhood, Paretz Partensky, recently wrote about troubles with the San Francisco police. He ended up in solitary after calling 911 for an injured bicyclist. He sent the link to the Langton St. email list, apparently we are neighbors! It is worth noting that, once against, alleged misconduct occurred within a few blocks of misconduct being investigated by a federal grand jury.

via Fellow SOMA Resident’s Problems with the SFPD • SelectQuote Review.

Southern Station, which serves San Francisco’s South of Market area, has had a string of problems.  This is the same station that covers SelectQuote.  I believe SelectQuote is involved in some graft, or is outright scamming the police.

In my situation alone, there were indications of cooperation, between the police and child predators at SelectQuote.  The company seems to involve cops in terminations an unusually often.