Over at SelectQuote Review, I opine that reaction to the Mario Woods shooting should be taken in context with years of frustration:

I’m sure the African American community feels this effect even more strongly, with years of disproportionately high negative police activity affecting them. Perhaps this is why that community reacts to officer shootings by ignoring the danger posed an officer by a knife wielding man. It’s not like they aren’t aware that a knife can kill someone. Young black males are the victims of violence more often than anyone else. I think that they’ve simply found a way to strike back at injustice.

There is a lot of wisdom in that reaction. When I look at my attempt to bring those who would kill my daughter to justice, I see that I have gotten nowhere, purely because police were tight with the perpetrators. Given how ineffective it is to “play fair”, doesn’t it make more sense to put cops in a difficult situation by insisting that they disarm suspects wielding knives?

Source: Earned Danger – SelectQuote Review