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I alluded to the Navajo branch of the Edelweiss Pirates assassinating the chief of the Gestapo in Cologne in my last article on anti-fascism. Given the recent shooting in Dallas, I think I should clarify my position, at the present time. It’s been a long time since I lived in nearby Arlington, Texas, so I can’t speak to the situation there.

I am still allowed to write this, and you are allowed to read it. I have plenty of reasons to be ticked off at the SFPD. Many people, especially African Americans and Latinos, probably have more. From my perspective, I don’t think the use of lethal force against cops is warranted at the present time.

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Drawing attention to small or even false virtues is a hallmark of authoritarian regimes. For good reason – the history of European anti-fascist resistance showed the strategic importance of controlling the bar scene. Before scoffing at German and Italian resistance movements, consider that the entire country of France didn’t last two months.

Fascism does not come exclusively from the right, look at the People’s Republic of China and their free-market corporate State. Here government is flush with illegally siphoned cash from the same corporations that reinvest just 2% of their profits back into their business and people (down from 70% in the early 80s). Scott Peterson is used to caricature men, even while married women remain the least likely to be murdered group in society.

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Powerful Politico Arrested for Kiddie Porn

Many San Francisco politicians have had ties to Enrique Pearce since he came here as a political consultant hailing from Chicago’s Northwestern University (Evanston). He’s worked with Jane Kim since her school board run, Ed Lee, Matt Gonzales, Rose Pak, Norman Yee, and assorted other San Francisco politicians and power-brokers. He skated past election laws: the Run Ed Run astroturf campaign, and running both Jane Kim’s campaign for District 6 and a pro-Kim independent committee out of his office are a couple examples.

Pearce survived this sort of wrongdoing, but has been arrested on child porn charges. Kids as young as three being held down and raped.

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Meet The Police Chief Who Quoted ‘American Sniper’ In His Non-Apology For A Dead Informant

Cops got a kid killed of $80 of marijuana.



There’s been some news coverage recently about the controversial law enforcement practice of using college-aged drug informants. Basically, the way it works is, a student tries to buy a small amount of drugs from an undercover agent, is then threatened with a strict sentence, and instead agrees to become an informant. Trouble is, being a snitch is dangerous, and informants end up deadallthe time.

That’s what happened recently to Andrew Sadek, a 20-year-old student at North Dakota State College of Science in Wahpeton.

Sadek himself was entrapped by a C.I. who bought marijuana from him on two occasions. Although the total value of the sales was just $80, Sadek faced up to 20 years in prison because the sales occurred in a “school zone.” He agreed to do to others what had been done to him, buying marijuana at SEMCA’s [Southeast Multi-County Agency Drug Task Force] direction…

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